We would like to introduce you to our study ESCAPE. ESCAPE is a project working to improve physical and mental health outcomes for elderly patients with multiple health conditions through integrated and personalised treatment plans. We are looking for patients to participate in this study, if you choose to be involved, you and your health could benefit.

What is this study about?

Patients with multiple chronic conditions often benefit from more comprehensive care. We want to evaluate whether these persons can improve their well-being and health outcomes trough integrated and personalised care. We are looking for patients who would like to take part in this study.If you choose to be involved, you and your health could benefit.

Why participate?

  1. You may help other people with multiple chronic conditions in the future
  2. You will receive information on managing and coping with your health problems
  3. You will have a chance of getting additional treatment support from a Care Manager

What to expect if you participate

All patients take part in the framework study, which includes the following:

  • Two short surveys to help our team identify if you are eligible 2 months prior and immediately before the start of the study.
  • An in-depth medical interview to understand your medical history.
  • A detailed survey of health factors at the beginning of the study, after 9 months and once after 18 or 30 months.

In addition to the framework study, you can also choose to participate in the core study. In this case, you have a 50% chance of receiving the study treatment.

What does the study treatment include?

If you are assigned to the treatment group, you will receive additional support from a Care Manager.

  • Together you discuss individual priorities and agree on a supportive treatment strategy in collaboration with your GP.
  • For nine months, you will receive regular telephone or video calls from your Care Manager to help you cope with the diseases or other stressors and get more information on your health.
  • A network of specialists will ensure that treatment recommendations are in line with current standards.
  • Your Care Manager will facilitate better coordination and will keep all involved professionals updated.
  • You can also use a secure digital health platform to access your treatment plan, get information about your conditions and treatments, and monitor your health status.
  • We are also happy to involve family caregivers